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Interview with neurologist Levon Ambartsumyan
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treatment of spinal herniaDue to the efforts of the new medical center DiaMed, It’s being used the latest therapeutic method with an advanced technique in Armenia to improve the quality of life of people with spinal problems.

We talked to the neurologist Levon Ambartsumian on this subject.

—         Please tell us the story of clinic’s foundation.

—         DiaMed clinic is founded January 6th in 2012. Main activities are specialized in treatment of diseases of the spine. It’s treated a hernia in the lumbar spine with non-surgical method.

—         What are the symptoms when turning to you?

—      We offer you a broad range of services at an attractive and competitive prices. So contact us if you suffer from back pains, limb weakness, limited active and passive movements, atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, disability, osteochondrosis, sciatica, headaches, dizziness, curvature of the spine.

—         What are the treatments? What kind of system?treatment of spinal hernia

—       One of the achievements of medical science in recent times — is DRX9000 system. It is intended to the treatment of spinal hernia without surgery. Features of the system are the treatment of osteochondrosis and hernia of a backbone carried out without operations, and it reduces not only period of treatment, also the risks connected with surgery.

—         What are the differences between your and some other clinics?

—        I thought for a long time, what other treatments of the spine are used in European countries, which hasn’t been in Armenia yet. Of course, we talk about non-surgical treatments. We examined DRX9000 system. Initially, we were suspicious about its effectiveness, but decided to purchase. We have an experience of more than one year, and of course, the results are satisfactory.

—        What is the experience of working with the DRX9000 system in European countries?

—        It’s widely used abroad, and observing feedbacks of many people we are convinced that the device carries out its functions. DRX 9000 is also used in the USA, in many western developed countries.

—        How long does it take the healing and recovery process?

treatment of spinal hernia—       The method lasts about a half month, but patients stay under the care of another 4 months to complete the recovery process. That is to say, we are involved in the rehabilitation process, assign and execute various exercises.

—         What is the practical effectiveness of the treatment, based on your experience?

—        If we consider the statistics, it’s pretty high. World statistics shows 86-96% efficiency. These data are based on 10 years of experience, because the device has existed since 2003. According to some data we have a higher level of 95-96%, of course, taking into consideration the fact that there aren’t so many patients in Armenia. After the treatment patients live full life, free from the limitations of physical exertion.

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treatment of spinal hernia

treatment of spinal hernia

treatment of spinal hernia

treatment of spinal hernia

treatment of spinal hernia